Good2Connect Quest

The Workplace Program of the Year

Connection and wellbeing at work matter now more than ever before.

As a leader, are you taking intentional steps to connect your teams and facilitate wellbeing for you people (and sprinkling in some fun in the process)?

The Good2Connect Quest is a fun, 4-week quest, designed to bring a sense of deeper connection across your teams. We also provide daily tools to help individuals to connect better with themselves – enabling everyone to do their best work while feeling an increased sense of wellbeing.

For 28 days, your business (and the humans within it) will turn slightly inward – connecting, restoring, replenishing and, yes, having fun in the process.

We can also quantify improvement by measuring stress, burnout and mental health with the Mindcheck Stress, Anxiety & Depression Survey, both pre and post G2C Quest.

Did you know that strong social connections are one of the biggest predictors of long-term happiness?

Conversely, loneliness is considered a bigger health risk now than smoking or obesity!

Workplaces have had a long history of being lonely environments.

Loneliness has even become a new public health challenge; so much so that we are seeing places like the UK & Japan appointing their own Ministers for Loneliness!

37% of Australians feel lonely at work and, in the US, that figure sits at 40%. At the same time, 85% of workers globally do not feel engaged with their job, yet engagement is closely correlated to how connected employees feel to their co-workers and to their employer.

The Lonely Century – Noreena Hertz

The Good2Connect Quest offers a multifaceted approach, offering various benefits for you and your employees:

The result? Happi, happi humans and thriving businesses.

We also use gamified software to increase engagement, enjoyment and completion. The more that employees participate, the more money we donate to charity. Our charity of choice is Friends for Good an Australian loneliness pioneer joining the fight against loneliness.

How it works

Fully Facilitated (online or inperson):

Individual Activities:

Every day  for 4 weeks: individual activities (allow 10-20 mins daily).

  • Weekly video training session explaining the activities for that week.
  • A Good2Connect Playbook (hardcopy or digital).

Activities for greater wellbeing:

Gratitude, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, kindness & joy.

Team Activities:

Weekly for 4 weeks: Team Connection Workshops (1.5 hours facilitated online or face-to-face once a week).

Activities include:

Authentic Connection exercises, fun team challenges, culture strengthening, appreciation & recognition, empathy, understanding bias, beliefs & much more.

Also includes: Pre and post survey delivery and analysis with Mindcheck Stress, Anxiety & Depression Survey.

Good2Connect DIY online version

An exciting, self-paced online version of the Good2Connect Quest for leaders, team leaders and HR managers who would like to facilitate Good2Connect themselves and add their own spin!


This online program can be used for both remote or in-person employees and teams.


A fully guided 4-week online journey for each individual employee, using fun, gamified   software that increases participation and a positive user experience.

  • Daily for 4 weeks: Individual activities (allow 10-15 mins daily).
  • Each employee receives a copy of the Quest Playbook that includes step-by-step activities and explains their benefits.


Weekly team connection activities facilitated by the team leader.

Team Leader/Facilitator

The facilitator leading the team is fully supported every step of the quest with:

  • Marketing materials and email templates to promote the quest.

  • A guidebook and roadmap for the 4-week quest.
  • Video tutorials and handouts to facilitate the weekly team connection activities (both face-to-face and online examples).

  • Video tutorials and a playbook for individual daily activities.

  • Access to the Mindcheck Stress, Anxiety & Depression Survey

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