Hello, I’m Kylie.

As far back as I can remember, I could never understand why so many adults went to work but didn’t enjoy it. Why was it socially acceptable to go and work somewhere from nine till five (at least) and hate every minute? As a child, this never made sense to me – and it still doesn’t.

I was halfway through my MBA when I approached my professor, telling them that I wanted to become a Happy Work Consultant. I was told it was too flippant and that I should persue academia instead.

Instead of taking their advice, I was instantly motivated to take my own path. I packed my bags and travelled from Australia to the US. I started working with world leaders in culture and connection, in companies such as Zappos and Delivering Happiness. What I learnt from these human-driven workplace experts has been instrumental in creating the programs and services that make up Happi Matters.

We are human beings operating in structures that have typically required us to only bring certain parts of ourselves to work. Yet we all have a basic human need to feel connected with one another and have a sense of belonging – all while accepting ourselves enough to show more of who we really are to the world.

It is now my mission to bring more of what it means to be human to work, so that both businesses and the humans within them can truly flourish.

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