Happi Matters

Happi Matters was born from the belief that when we’re all given permission to show up in an authentically human way, workplaces can be transformed into vibrantly sparkling spaces where employees can truly thrive.

It’s not just about wearing colourful socks on a Friday and feeling comfortable enough to bring a slice of humour into the office for lunch. It’s about deeply connecting people with themselves and others.

Happi Matters equips employers and employees with the tools to unlock who they truly are. The results? Empowered humans who are fulfilled, happy, connected beings – wherever they show up in the world. And no, it’s not just for hippies.

Developed by Workplace Culture Expert, Kylie Flynn, Happi Matters is built from the desire to change the way we all think about work. Kylie has spent over 20 years in workplaces and believes that human-centric workplaces should no longer be an option – they’re the only way for organisations to truly evolve.

Why Happi Matters

Every single person should feel a sense of belonging when they come to work. Everyone deserves to feel like they matter – and in a business that has evolved past treating employees like robots, everyone DOES matter.

Happi Matters isn’t for every type of business. It has been created especially (and lovingly) for progressive, open-minded businesses that care about more than profits. They care about what it means to be human.

To grow your business

Employee satisfaction

Staff retention

To build strong teams

For health and wellbeing

The future of work is changing

Programs In Demand

From half day workshops to connection webinars, Happi Matters’ Programs In Demand are designed to bring teams together – on your terms.

Good2 Connect Quest

Connect workshop half day

12 month program

Why connection matters at work

Connect event keynote

Free Resources

For those who aren’t ready to commit to a paid program, explore our range of completely free happiness resources. We take the latest research in neuroscience and human psychology to create actionable tips that you and your team can use to build workplace connections that really last.

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