Our Values

At Happi Matters, our core values underpin all of the connection-building activities that we promote. Above all, we focus on helping individuals and teams unlearn outdated models and societal conditioning in order to create new ways of working that truly benefit all humans.


Our fundamental purpose is to create connection.

There’s a freeing quality that comes from truly connecting to one another on a human level and, when people have permission to show up as their unique selves, that connection can grow exponentially.


Happi Matters has been intentionally developed for humans who want to show up at work authentically in order to build meaningful relationships and positively transform the workplace environment (now that’s a mouthful).

Authenticity also means to accept all parts of who we are….both the light and the dark. When we can be kinder to ourselves, relationships will be transformed.


We’re BORN curious, but many of us lose that inquisitive nature as we get older. Being curious opens up new possibilities and allows us to learn more about ourselves and those around us in order to create deeper meaning and positive change.

To transform current structures and create happier workplaces, nurturing the curious kid within all of us is not just fun, but essential.

Just because it has always been this way, doesn’t mean it should be.


Happi Matters aims to expand the awareness of self and others. Sure, it might all sound a bit Kumbaya, but it’s true; by changing our level of awareness we’re able to move past our limited views of reality. When we can become more aware of the world around us, we realise that we’re part of the whole.

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