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Real connection

It’s about more than just wearing colourful socks on a Friday and bringing a slice of humour into the office for lunch.

Everyone matters

We all want to know that we matter and have a sense of belonging at work.

Promoting Wellbeing

We have to make sure the place we are spending the majority of time with is good for us.

Helping you find meaning and connection while you’re at work

There’s a freeing quality that comes from truly connecting with one another on a human level and, when everyone has permission to show up as their unique selves, that connection can grow exponentially.

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Balance starts at work

Connection has come to include clicks, likes, chatbots called Trevor and pinging phones – but is that really the best way to feel connected to others? Happi Matters helps teams find balance at work that can be taken home.

Programs designed for your situation


Happi Matters is not your typical workplace culture & connection program.


Starting and running your own business can leave you feeling disconnected and burnt out. How will you get your balance back?

Human resources

A healthy business is a happy business. Happi Matters transforms workplaces – one human at a time.

Remote teams

Give your people the gift of connection with a workplace culture program that sticks.

Team leaders

When you start seeing the human in your colleagues, everyone can be truly seen and heard.

Staff members

Are you free to be you at work? Stop leaving your best self at home.

I was born to create positive change

Hello, I’m Kylie Flynn. I created Happi Matters from the desire to change the way we all think about work. I believe that human-centric workplaces should no longer be an option – they’re the only way for organisations to truly evolve. A new world of work is beginning.

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Why connection matters at work

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Bringing New Life And More Human to Video Meetings

Now that the focus of setting up employees to work from home has been tackled, the new focus is how we conduct our virtual meetings as effectively as possible

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