The Evolved Workplace - 12 Month Program

Culture is EVERYTHING.

Every organisation has its own personality; its own ecosystem.

For those that want to get serious about happi people, we help you find the key drivers that create great cultures and retain your VIP’s (a.k.a .your employees).

All underpinned by the magical 12 ingredients that cultivate happi humans (spoiler: they’re not really magic, we just know what humans need to be happi).

Core Values


Autonomy & sense of progress

Sense of meaning & purpose

Emotional Intelligence

Physical environment


Wellbeing & mental health


Appreciation & recognition

Skilled leadership

Psychological safety

The roadmap to culture by design


Create the vision.

Analysis & audit

Analyse current culture through surveys, interviews and business metrics.


Designing a step-by-step cultural program.


Create the vision.

Our happi clients

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